Valuable Regardless

February 10, 2021 00:29:23
Valuable Regardless
Known Legacy
Valuable Regardless

Feb 10 2021 | 00:29:23


Show Notes

Valetines approaches with the stress no man can seem to handle. Do I get flowers, candy, dinner out or pay my mortgage? Along with the ups of the day of love comes the lows for so many others.  The guys are talking about what needs to define us as we enter times like these - you are valuable regardless of how many roses you get or give and how much that must have cost! They talk about how to fight against your self worth in a time your self may feel worthless.  


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Session notes: 


Valuable regardless

  1. Of your past

Phil 3:13-14

  1. Of what others say

Phil 3:20,

  1. Of what you believe.                    
  2.   judges 6:12-14

1 Samuel 16:7


Everything is fighting against your worth


Cutting you down


We listen to the parts day that  de value us


This will always get attacked


Your self perception 1 in 10 for good reviews



Hebrews 4:12


You are

Adopted by God

Chosen by him


A masterpiece

A minister of The Lord

An ambassador

Fearfully and wonderfully made

Full of hope

Full of the spirit

Full of purpose

Full of abundant life

Full of joy

Full of an abundant life

Set to do great things

In Gods plan

Loved by God



Not the lies from the enemy

Blessed in Christ w every spiritual blessing eph 1:3

A new creation in Christ


The righteousness of God 2 Cor 5:21


Being made whole

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