From Helpless to Helpful

February 04, 2021 00:25:42
From Helpless to Helpful
Known Legacy
From Helpless to Helpful

Feb 04 2021 | 00:25:42


Show Notes

How to move our daughters from helpless to helpful


Kids grow up too fast and suddenly you’re filling out college applications, ordering their cap and gown and waving goodbye.  When you say goodbye make sure you have done all you can to get them ready for the world that awaits them.  No one wants their child to be helpless as they enter this new chapter.  The guys share thoughts and tangible ways we can impact our kids to be ready for the world that is wise as serpent.  By having these conversations, you can help your daughter move from Helpless to being helpful with others they come in contact as they share the truths you have shared with them.



1.Know your self worth


Solid foundation before the attacks


2.Know to be aware


Have a plan


Remove distractions


3.Know your surroundings


What are the pitfalls that I can avoid? Gas, money, phone charger


4.Empower others -


Cast your value in others


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